Rosin Technique of Solventless Hash Oil Extraction

Personal Rosin Press

Portable, mini, rosin heat press. No additional equipment required.

Press Rosin at Home

Cannabis concentrate extractions at home! No additional equipment required.

Increase Yield

Save Money

Light Weight

3 Ton Press


Simple Design

Colorado U.S.A

Use Redytek R2P-X mini rosin press for personal rosin dabs with using the rosin technique of heat and pressure.

R2P-E Electric Press

Ready-2-Press electric heat press. Easiest all day pressing solution!

Redytek R2P-M manual Crank rosin heat press for marijuana concentrate oil dabs. Press rosin at home with 3 tons of pressure.

R2P-M Crank Press

Ready-2-Press manual crank heat press for the at home rosin enthusiast.

Quality Rosin Press Machines for Sale!

Started in 2018 in the high country mountains of Gypsum, Colorado.

Redytek™ is leading the mini press industry with quality cannabis press machines for cheap!  Direct to consumer.

Redytek™ is the peoples’ choice for affordable heat presses and rosin extraction equipment.

You can see the best rosin techniques for each of our dual heat press machines in action on our social feed.

Pre press molds and bottleneck techniques create the optimum surface area to maximize yields.

No more running to the dispensary when you run out of rosin oil.

No more paying outrageous prices for dabs. Press your own, at home!!

You will be able to press flower, shake, dry sift, bubble hash, fresh frozen hash, traditional hash or re-pressing for THC-A.

Redytek™ dual heat presses can handle it, at a price that you can handle!

Find everything you need to get started.  Rosin filter bags, pre-press molds & dab jars to store your stash. All at a price that you can afford.

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Everything You Need to Start Producing Rosin at Home!
DIY Rosin Press Machines are outdated. All in One Electric, manual or crank rosin press machines for cannabis concentrate oil dabs. Press rosin at home.

No Hydraulics Mess. Electric Rosin Press

Pneumatic rosin press machines require an air compressor and hydraulic heat presses are very heavy and are not ideal for home use.

At home rosin tech is often performed in the kitchen. Our mini presses are bold and beautiful and look great on any countertop.

Our high torque electric motors produce 3 tons of pure pressure. Why DIY rosin press when you can Redytek for less?

Redytek heavy duty electric motor produces 3-Tons pure pressure and heat for pressing rosin.  Solventless rosin oil extraction machines
Ready-2-Press – Manual, Crank or Electric Rosin Press Machines
Redytek R2P-M Solvent-less rosin oil extractions made easy and affordably at home. Portable rosin heat press machine.

R2P-M Crank Rosin Press

2″x4″ Heat Plates
≤ 9g flower
≤ 3 tons

Redytek R2P-E Rosin Press makes the best concentrated cannabis oil from marijuana heat plates and pressure, known as rosin tech.

R2P-E Electric Rosin Press

3″x5″ Heat Plates
≤ 12g flower
= 3 tons

Cheap, mini, manual marijuana rosin press machines for concentrate dab. Press solvent-less dabs at home with mini rosin heat press.

R2P-X Manual Rosin Press

2″x3″ Heat Plates
≤ 3.5g flower
≤ 1000lbs

Pre-Press Molds Allow Larger Amounts of Cannabis to be Pressed.
Redytek 2x4 inch red anodized aluminum cannabis prepress mold for solventless rosin technique extractions
Pre press your marijuana flower material before inserting into rosin filter bags to reduce blowouts, improve clarity and quality of rosin oil
Rosin pre-press mold produces 1.75 x 3.75 inch pucks, to be used with Redytek 2 x 4.75 inch 190u rosin filter pouches

Pre-press your flower into a puck, prior to squeezing for higher returns. Pucks will help prevent bag blowouts.