7in. Six Tree Perc

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Looking to increase your daily dabbing pleasures with that perfect hit?

Redytek has the dab rig for you. The 6 arm percolators contain 2 small holes each for maximum water to smoke ratio, making for one of the smooothest hits possible.  Take it easy on your lungs!!

This thick unit has a wide base to prevent tipping. It stands at 7″ tall, with a comfortable bent neck that also prevents splash back. The tree percs are connected down to the base making them tougher against accidental bumps.

The 7″ perc can be used as a bong, or you can purchase a separate 14mm 90º banger combo and turn it into a cool hitting dab rig!

This product is intended for medicinal and legal concentrate use only.

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  • 7″ Tall
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Sturdy Wide Base
  • Six Arm Tree Percolator
  • Bent Neck
  • Clear Glass
  • Glass Bowl
  • 4mm Thick