Quartz 4mm Fat Bottom Banger w/Cyclone Cap & Terp Balls (14mm Male 90º)

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Are you looking for affordable quartz bangers for your fresh, craft small batch rosin?

We have got you covered, again… 😉  Redytek bangers and carb caps are all 100% quartz.

Don’t be afraid of cold starts with our caps on. Quartz caps will handle the temperature shock.

This product is intended for medicinal and legal concentrate use only.

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Frequently Bought Combos!

+ Assortment of tool tips - probe, scraper, spatula, chisel, spearhead, carver, ballpoint, for collecting and working with rosin, budder, wax, live rosin easily. The Redyte rosin tool set. + Dual non-stick rosin collection pads
Price for all three: $69.85 $64.85 Save $5.00

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in





100% Quartz


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