Mini E-Nail Sideclick Hybrid Quartz Nail

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The Smallest Timer Adjustable Electronic Nail System!

The Schonwan e-nail is light and small. It fits easily in the palm of your hand.

It comes with a hybrid Titanium / Quartz Nail and is built for the all day dabber!

Choose a timer setting and never forget your e-nail glowing on the counter again, it will turn off automatically!


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Kit Includes:

  • Sideclick Pro Digital Thermal Controller (One Year Limited Warranty)
  • Sideclick Pro Kevlar Flat Coil Cable (Limited Lifetime Warranty)
  • Gr2 Titanium Quartz Universal Nail (Titanium Body, Quartz Dish 14mm / 19mm,Male & Female)
  • Gr2 Titanium Carb Cap with Dabber

Not For Sale To Anyone Under 21!


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