Personal Rosin Press Collectors Kit

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Are you wanting to start your journey to being rosin self reliant? Not sure where to start? The personal Rosin Press Collector kit include all the tools that will be required for at home rosin pressing.

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Non-Stick Work Mat

8"x12" silicone mat keeps work surfaces free of sticky

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Discreet Carry Tin

contains 2 - 5ml silicone jars and dabber tool

Mini Pre-Press Mold

1g pucks no filter bag

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5-Piece Rosin Tool Kit

Include 5 unique tools to help with collectingand dabbing

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Flower Filter Bags

190u filter bags work best with re-hydrated material

Hash Filter Bag

24u bags for use with bubble and kief

2 - Non-Stick 4"x4" Silicone Rosin Pad

Our silicone lace mat sets are Food grade non-stick silicone. Silicone pads are a green alternative to parchment paper throw aways. Use to place your tools on or store your fresh made rosin. Or as a padded area for delicate glass rigs. No-stick pads come 2 per set at 4" x 4".

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Redytek™ 6"x8" Anodized Cooling Plate

Wondering the easiest way to collect runny rosin from your parchment paper? Have you ever tried using an aluminum cooling plate? They are small and take little room in your freezer. But help out big time, when collecting runny material. Cool your rosin to a temperature that makes it easier to work with. Place fresh rosin on parchment on the aluminum plate to quickly cool. Temperature plays a big part in making and collecting rosin. Get your cooling plate today and stop messing with runny rosin.

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Personal Rosin Press

can handle 3.5g of material

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